fight of immortal girls android game

Become a legendary fighter girl hero and save the ancient world from vengeful demons and goddess in the newest immersive Action RPG.

Master fast-paced combat skills with fluid, intuitive controls that anyone can pick up and play
Hand to hand battle of girls, fight of goddess with demon lords and spirits.

pushes the limits of the mobile platform by offering the best 3D graphics possible on a mobile device.
Fight in the epic Chinese Temple and experience the soul of Far East mythology.

Featuring the most powerful woman fighters in all mythology, call awesome power of Shakti, Trikutala, Raktabija, Tattoo, Huron, Asmodeus.
Easy to tap and play. Defend and attack.
The powerful Shakti called a battle to save and disable the secrete space break though which the dark forces may enter into Earth and can destroy the human race.


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