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Tips and tricks for ensuring mobile data security

With numerous consumer devices, that access enterprise network, mobile data security has been a top concern in the enterprise.

As an IT administrator, a number of tools exist at your disposal for securing corporate data. You may even use mobile device management system for passcodes. The devices can be remotely wiped when necessary. Be sure that users are educated about keeping the data safe. Some employees may not be aware of all the security tools built into their devices. They may be unaware of the risks associated with downloading applications.

Here are some tips on mobile data security that enables learning more about the risks, that the smartphones and tablets are posing to corporate data. The tools which can be used for mitigating them.

Mobile data security primer

Mobile devices which carry enterprise data and even access corporate network is risky in terms of keeping sensitive information safe. It is essential to stop corporate data to leak from user's devices. You can us…

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