Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Though a branch of computer science, today there's no field that is not affected by this technology. Its objective is to teach the machines to think intelligently just like the humans do. Till now machines are doing what they are told to do but with the use of AI they can easily think and behave like a human being. The tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and IBM are involved in studying, developing the technology. This has brought a revolutionary change. Though it's going to shape our future, we must know how it's affecting the present life.
Given below are some of the top industrial applications of AI:
1.Journalism: In today's digital world, blog reading and articles is a very common practice for most of us. But have you ever realized some of them are actually written by machines.These cannot be used for writing in-depth writing. But with the use of AI we can easily prepare simple reports that doesn't require much analysis.
2.Automobiles: It's a known fact that Google's driver less car and Tesla's Autopilot have already paved their way for the introduction of AI in automobiles. Whether self parking, detecting collisions, blind spot monitoring, voice recognition, or navigation, the car is an assistant to the owner, teaching multiple ways of safe driving.
3.Online Retail Stores: The introduction of online retail stores, has enabled people to do online purchase, the habit that has reached its peak right now. The websites make the use of artificial intelligence in multiple ways like recommending the customers about his/her purchase on the basis of his/her past purchase. Another way is providing chat bots for seeking guidance or solving any queries. As per reports AI is going to make shopping a personalized experience.
4.Healthcare: AI has also revolutionized the healthcare industry. Doctors use it for assisting with the diagnosis and treatment procedures. The needs for multiple machines and equipment's are reduced. This in turn brings down the cost.
5.Customer Service: Several websites offer the customers an online chatting option, with their representatives in case of queries or grievances. In maximum cases these are not humans. But these are chat-bots trained to respond and extract the required knowledge from the site, thus presenting it to the customers. Natural languages are used by the bots to interpret the customer's query. The robots are unable to understand this as there is a huge difference between the human and machine language. However, we will soon have robots for communicating with humans.
6.Manufacturing: The first and foremost industry to use AI, Robotic parts are used in the factories for assembling different parts and then packing them without the need of any manual help. Starting from the raw materials to shipped final products, the robotic parts are playing an important role in most of the entities. The introduction of AI will be beneficial as it will enable modification in a way that more complicated goods will be manufactured and assembled with the use of machines like the automobiles and electronic goods.
7.Banking and Finance: As it helps in the increase of the amount of financial data, a lot of financial services have adopted the use of artificial intelligence. Banks are also using AI for keeping a track of the customer base, addressing their needs, suggesting them about different schemes and what not. Often there's a suspicious transaction from the user's account, at that time they easily get a mail that confirms that it's not an outsider who is carrying out that particular transaction.
8.Smartphones: Its most common application are found in mobile phones in the form of virtual personal assistant. Some of the most common application, of AI are Siri, Cortona, and Google Now.
The applications are used for collecting information for interpreting what is being asked by the users. The required data is fetched to suit the user's preferences.     
The artificial intelligence is thus growing technologically and also spreading in the areas that are beyond anybody's imagination.  


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