How to become a certified ethical hacker, and counter the cyber security challenge?

A skilled professional, a certified ethical hacker understands and knows very well the weakness and the vulnerable areas of a system and finds proactive solutions to address them. This professional uses the same knowledge and tools like a malicious hacker.The only difference is he is doing this legally thus assessing the security posture of a target system.The CEH credentials are essential for certifying the individuals in a particular network security discipline of Ethical Hacking from a vendor-neutral perspective.

It's purpose:

To establish and govern, the minimum standards for recognizing the professional information security specialist in the ethical hacking measures.

Informing the public that the credentialed individuals meet and exceed the minimum standards.
Strengthen ethical hacking as unique and even a self-regulating profession.

Are you looking to make your career as the ethical hacker?

Recognized all over the world, a certified ethical hacker, by EC council is a good course for you. The EC Council is the certified body that governs the CEH course and also other popular courses, that includes Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator and Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO).

What's the Certified Ethical Hacker course all about?

This is one of the renowned courses in today's Technological World. As EC Council, “For beating a Hacker you need to have a mind of hacker thus looking which safeguards network devices and also applications.

Its Target Audience:

Its Target Audience includes IT professionals:

IT Manager
IT Auditor
Network Administrator
Security Officer
Site Administrator

Eligibility criteria:

The candidates must have a 4 years bachelor degree in Cyber Security, or a related field such Information Technology, or Computer Science.

A complete advanced training is necessary. Some employers require the candidates to hold Master degree in Cyber Security Program.

You need to pass the security clearance. However, this is unnecessary for those willing with classified information as a part of military or government agencies.

Candidates appearing the EC Council CEH Exam must have at least 2years of work experience in Information Security domain.Before appearing for the exam, the CEH applicants must have a valid experience by providing the name of the boss, supervisor and also the department and organization in which they have worked.

It generally takes 5-10 business days, for processing the CEH application and the approved application has only 3 months validity. 


A Cyber Security professional works really work hard to ensure that the data stays out of the wrong hand. Cyber Security works in virtually every industry responding rapidly to real-world threats. While there are cybersecurity associates degree programs. Now what careers options do you have in CyberSecurity:

This course focus on the area of methods used to protect data and information system. Students receiving training in technical and business skills as:

·         Data Base applications
·         System Administration
·         Data Recovery

The course combines:

·         Criminal Psychology
·         Digital Forensic
·         Policy Analysis

There are hundreds of Job options. But the top position includes:

·         Security Analyst
·         Security Architect
·         Security Software Developer
·         Security Engineer
·         A Cryptographer


You can easily work with state department responsible for IT security or Cybersecurity on the National level such as Indian CSIRT another ministry of communication and information technology.You can easily apply for jobs at state departments, responsible for critical infrastructure and information.You can apply for jobs in Ministry of Defense, Ministry of law and justice, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Ministry of Science and technology,Universities and Faculties of Informatics.  


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