Kizuna AI

A “Virtual Youtuber”, Kizuna AI featured for the first time in AI channel. This was created in Miku Miku Dance. Let's play and vlogging are her primary videos.Gaining modest fame initially, there has been a significant increase in her popularity after “Let's Play Video” shared on the anime focussed Facebook Page IGON. These operate two Youtube channels “A.I Channels” and “A.I Games”. It has about 2.4 million subscriber and 135 million views combined.

Examples of Kizuna AI:

Affectionate Parody: Of Gaming streamers and Youtube personalities, in general.Being a wise AI, this is rendered as a CGI anime girl. However otherwise this is quite equal to other solo internet channels.

Equivocal Gender Identity: Though Ai-chan's, true feminine charm and mannerism, her gender identity is continually changing. Sometimes male, sometimes female and sometimes neither.

In an interview with PANORA VR in part 1, the interviewer notes, that there is no mention of her gender. When interviewed the second time she tells him, she's probably a girl.

In Ai chan's Fitness Test, female stats are used for comparison.

In a video with Noripi, she confesses about having an appearance of a girl, but a mind of a man.

In Her Doki Doki Literature Club, video! she openly confesses her displeasure at the male protagonist. She also speaks about how she could play as a girl, in that game. She also states although she is not having a gender, she has a physical form, she'd want to be the girl.

Artificial Intelligence: Yes, she claims to be this. Ai is a very common Japanese name and also an unstable pun in this case.

Bare Your Midriff: Downplayed; her top hems cover the abdomen area.

Big OMG!: Drops this, when she incorrectly spells “ours” as “awrs” in her Duolingo video.

Character Celebrity Endorsement: Some of the Let's Play videos, mostly the mobile games, are paid advertisements.

Cluster F-Bomb: Done out of nervousness and even grossed out instead of anger, she finds herself imitating Ethan's own Cluster F-Bomb once the worms appear in a certain narrow hallway. 

Contemplate Our Navels: As shown in episode 128, she got infected by a virus. She tries to go on with skit thus losing interest but loses interest spending most of the rest of the video mulling over her own existence.

Covert Pervert: Though appearing innocent, Ai exhibits she can be extremely perverted, in case other girls are involved. This is extremely noticeable, when she had Tsubasa, as a guest and even on games having cute girls you can obtain in your team.

Cry Cute: She invokes this according to an answer she gave to a question asking why the end of video ident has a picture of her crying. She thinks she looks cuter when crying.

Fan Girl: Clearly qualifying as one for Love Live! And Nico Yazawa in particular after spending a solid 15 minutes, chewing the scenery while trying to get a UR Nico card. She also mentioned her wish to marry a Princess Peach.

Ai takes a moment in the middle of a rant filled episode, talking about how much she loves the videos of fellow virtual Youtuber Kaguya Luna.

From the Mouths of Babes: Resident Evil 7 has given her a bit of potty mouth. She happily repeats each and every single fuck slung, about the cast, with it being clear, that she doesn't know exactly what she is actually saying. She counts for this trope as she is barely a year old now.

Genki Girl: She is a fully enthusiastic person.

Gilligan Cut: Being a frequent source of humor, particularly in videos, where she is doing something physical, is how she is claiming that being an AI she never get tired, thirsty and hungry.  A good sign is her going out of breath minutes later.

Girls frightened of Horror movies: Her Playthrough of Resident Evil 7 clearly shows she is bad with horror and also have a tendency to showcase the game's Nausea Fuel.

Gratuitous Foreign Language: Gratuitous Korean in this Twitter Post, asks clearly whether her name is Korean is “O-O”, literally meaning “child”.

Embellishes her hair with a pink ribbon.

Hidden Depths: Ai, has shown great vocal talents. She has the ability to sing several times. She has covered songs from her favorite idols to anime and Vocaloid songs.

Either know nothing or know everything: Referring herself as a “super-intelligent AI”, thus talking up her excellence, she always fails at nearly everything she tries. She also has the tendency of blaming the games and also rival AI for her own mistakes. She even lampshaded her constant failure at least once.

Motor Mouth: She did this in one of her live streams as she tried to read and reply with chat.

Multicolored Hair: She has pink highlights on the brown hair.

Perpetual Poverty: Starting from #25, Ai-Chan always complains about her lack of money. There's is a reason why more or less sixty videos later Bribing her Way to Victory.


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