Why Lord Vishnu is lying on "Seshnag which is on the top of "Khir Sagar" " and why "Dhan Lakhmi " is doing "Padaseva".. What does it mean ?

Explanation: The "Khir sagar " is the symbol of our mortal world's Sansar, it's always floating.. ever changing, irrespective of all those high & low if a person can be calm and be cool, ignore the irrelevant facts from life, can be relaxed & work from inside, eventually all elements of the universe will give him protection.
For sure he will earn the attraction of "Wealth - The Dhanlakhmi".
If you destroy a body the "Navi" don't get destroyed, it's the CORE of next life.. where your spirit mix with nature and take new form, hence "Brahma" the symbol of "Creation" is inside you.. don't LET ANYONE DEFINE YOUR LIFE.. make it the WAY YOU WANT.


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