game development job

For me, games aren’t my job. I breathe them. I think it’s astounding that I’m paid to make

games and to talk about having made games. As is apparent with Train, Siochan Leat and The

New World, I make games whether I am paid to or not. I can spend all my time in the space of

games and never run out of things to do, to say or to explore.

There is an important distinction here, though. I love to make games as much as I love to

play them. It is not a one-way gig. I have made games all my life and the process, the

thinking, as you undoubtedly know, is so much different. So many people come through the

industry’s doors with visions of Hollywood hoping to meet their favorite star, but the play

isn’t the design, and it’s not the same thing. If you are thinking about being a game

designer, you should already be one. I was making games before I knew it was what I wanted

to do. If you’re not making games, start now. Just go. Screw it up. Make something terrible,

but make it. You’ll get better with time, with mistakes, with experience.


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