Regarding my story session Arijit Bhattacharya

In his early school days, Mr. Bhattacharyya, used to draw comics characters, and wrote his first comic book that included design, writing and dialogs. Although his teacher never encouraged him doing the comics but yet, they were impressed by his drawings. His father and mother used to tell him fictional inspirational stories. At a very early stage during his Grade 7, he decided that he wanted to become an entrepreneur. He dreamt to do something for his country by recruiting people as well as spreading happiness amongst them.
After passing his Intermediate Education (equaling UK High School), Mr. Bhattacharyya expressed his desire to start his own entrepreneurial venture of animation house. As his parents could not afford a computer at that time back in 1998, they took some loan to buy him his first computer. He used to work on the machine and read the books to learn the tricks of game programming. Unfortunately there was no institute at that time for the purpose. With this he also started his college studies with Economics and Statistics major for a better understanding of how entrepreneurship works.
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