Bong Entrepreneurs meet up we are growing… India Bhutan Pune .. Indians … Come on let’s make it large

The historic day for Bengal and especially for Bengali entrepreneurs. The 3rd meet of Bong entrepreneurs and same yielded good numbers. The journey kicked off when I asked some of the known friends of mine who runs business in Bengal and shard them how we can work together. In a fine evening 8 companies came for a dinner invitation and shard the concept of starting a group together. Later the group grew and continued communicating in our own way. Entrepreneurs are alone in nature. All of our problems we may not even share to our families and only fellow entrepreneurs can understand the philosophy and the journey. On the way we kept on feeling like converting informal handshaking in a formation and that produced yesterday’s meet. The members in the group first met in Park Street almost one month back (8/9 members) when I called them to become a formal group and come as a strong entity, followed by the second meet and finally the third meet with 20 plus members. Interestingly majority of them arrived well before schedule (who says Bengalis can never meet timelines!), in a rainy day.


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