Indian RPG game story

Hi friends wanted to share a basic story of the beginning of Indiansuperheros Katya :
There used to be two different kind of kingdom, Naga's and Garuda's..The king of Naga's was killed by the Leader of Garuda, Jitantak and Naga's was leaderless. Jitantak, wanted to wipe out the entire Naga's and was asking help from Akshya. Akshya is the protector of the 14 different realm. Akshya don't want to wipe out the entire population, he denied to help Jitantak and asked him not to kill the existing being. According to Jitantak, Naga's were not good people.For the supreme powers OM, Akshya, Brahma and Shivani no one is good or bad, all of them are like their son or daughter. Akshya thought to go for a deep meditation and engage his inner self to remove the worst parts from few parts of Earth. He did a scientific work to get the same and blocked all of that within a energy block. So that humanity will have all good things in the new world. While talking with OM and Mitra he discovered that the bad energy is becoming all of a sudden strong and getting a shape. OM asked both of them to wait for a while so that he can find a solution for the same.
Next day Mitra was watching the container and saw Akshaya inside the container instead of energy, Mitra out of fear opened the energy container and surprisingly he saw that it's not Akshaya but the opposite part of Akshaya who called himself Olga. His only role is to spread darkness and fear in the universe. Mitra tried to stop him but the huge power of Olega Umhrah killed Mitra and Olega fly towards making a new Realm for himself and started destroying humanity. Olega joined Narakasur (Demon lord of 4th Realm) and became King of Naga's.
They wanted a good looking woman to fight for them and attract the leader of Garuda's. Naga's then took Katya and poisoned her with their venom in way so that she can stay alive for decades. After a deadly battle, Katya was injured, and went back to the temple of Naga's somehow, Olega then put her inside a space-time doorway so that when time comes, she can be alive again and fight for the Naga's. She is suppose to become alive when a Immortal will attack the Gods's.. the call of destiny, Ashwathama returned from his "Tapsya" and wanted to die, the present lord of Moon, Chandrama refused to give back his "Gem" and asked Usurhi DemiGod solders to attack Ashwathama, and hence Katya became alive again.. Katya fought Ashwathama as he was moving towards Naga's Kingdom. As two of the immortals started the fighting, maximum number of dark energy started entering the mortal world. the lord Indra, was trying to protect the mortal world from the demon's.

A severely weakened Indra is about to be killed by Narakasur, but casts a last-minute spell on his friend Koko by taking him to a different dimension, whose walls can be broken by disabling the balance of Earth. To disable the secrete space break (To enter a dimension one need to access the doorway between the space) path Narakasur have to break the balance of Human’s energy which makes him strong enough to break the dimensional gateway. So he hosted a tournament to let mortal world know, who the greatest fighter is, but background story is to get dark energy generated from the fight.
While ensuring progress in the tournament, whose key attendees include Urushi, Reina, Dazbog, Katya,Khanda, Jager, Flin, Tani etc, Narakasur attempts to enter into middle world to destroy Earth’s life balance. Koko, who has got the power to control some of the elements of nature, who protects the balance of earth is now willing to protect her Mother “Earth” by giving power to different warriors so that the balance remains calm. As long as the fight goes on and balance remains calm, she can heal Mother Earth from Narakasur.


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