Real 3D Character making for mobile game

City of Joy wait for another awesome movie based #game. REAL 3D real Simulation, REAL VR. Few of you asked what it takes to make a game like this: 

Hardware & Software cost - If you don't understand this sorry can't share 
1. One character with real 3D look for game (Mobile) takes 3D Modelling, Sculpting, 360 degree motion capture, lighting, texturing, rigging, optimizing, cleaning, testing. - Character is done : Process: 15 to 30 working days depending on complexity. 
2. Animation: Depending on animation it takes that many of days or months. 
3. Making game in Game Engine: It needs game programmer: Programmers/Engineers, Graphics Programmer, Network Programmer, AI Programmer, Audio Programmer, Game Designer, Level Designer,Game Producer etc etc. 
4. Story creator, content writer, director, camera artist, music, voice etc etc. We are NOT making casual game, or 2D where cost is LOW, It's a challenge for us how to give you a good experience, and that's FOR FREE in APP STORE. 


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