Because you are an Entrepreneur

After the whole day work, you are going home ; feeling odd... a lot of thoughts are juggling in your head ; you put your body on da bed and the head in the cozy pillow, and there are thoughts which you can't explain to anyone.. the thought of doing something different, which says-
1. "You need to get going.. you can't stop, you need to think different to create value.. "
2. " You might be wrong, you know.. may be you should talk to few people.. "
3. "I'm not getting what I want, may be starting a business is not a good decision .."
4." Yah, I should be looking for a job now. This is not my cup of tea.."
-- But you yourself is making another statement in your mind " Let me push a little bit, let me see what it takes, let me TRY AGAIN" ..
Trust me if you are a start-up and this is what you are thinking YOU ARE JUST right on track.. don't stop.. keep riding your "Tiger". Take a deep breath there are things which you can't share with your family, there are things which is ONLY for you.. because you are an Entrepreneur . Don't make only money, create value.


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