is GOD and Alien ?

Thousands of people testify to current presence of rapidly flying, glowing, flashing, spinning, metallic objects that appear dark and solid like low clouds in daylight, while brightly lit, with projected beams of light at night. These objects descend to the ground, ascend into the sky, and hover above ground for long periods, sounds are broadcast from them, and exhibit power to alter the natural laws. Humans and other beings are described as ascending up into and descending down from these objects and perception of time is altered.

It would certainly be much more difficult to disassociate these realities than to consider them from one singular source. The fact that in the first appearance in human experience these awesome vehicles and beings with strange powers are called gods, and said to be in spiritual state, comes not from human speculation, but from the words from those beings themselves. Two thousand years ago, until after the revelation to John on the Isle of Patmos, the last biblical reference to flying vehicles, they are recorded as God's throne, habitation, and chariot. After this the association with the gods ends and remains mysterious, until the 1800s when the concept of life on Mars was introduced and alien life being the source became a possibility. In the early 1900s the association between UFOs gradually took center stage and became the accepted explanation after the famous Roswell Incident in 1947.

Despite no credible evidence, and only science fiction speculation as the catalyst, the alien source of UFOs has become indelibly marked in the human mind. A few authors, most prominently Eric Von Daniken, reactivated the connection to the gods from time to time in the latter part of the twentieth century, but for short periods and considered fringe speculation only. Unfortunately the majority of even these researchers determined that the gods were in fact themselves aliens mistakenly revered by primitive fear and superstition.

This work dares to take the leap from unfounded speculation to factually based logic, that these UFOs in our skies are the same rapid, glowing, flashing, spinning, metallic, ascending, descending, hovering, powerful and awe-inspiring objects that they are associated with the gods of ancient history. We find no evidence they have ever left and read the predictions of the Bible and other ancient prophetical works as showing that the end times will include these gods saving the world in the same craft they have appeared in for millenniums.

We also believe that the decided evil nature erroneously associated with UFOs is a major part of the deception that will cause mankind to believe UFOs are a threat to their very existence. We believe the attempt by false prophets in the mainstream church to convince the world that Satan is at the helm of the UFO phenomenon will add great weight to that deception.
God is not a threat to mankind but his future plans for just and fair treatment of all humans, demilitarization of the planet, equal distribution of the wealth, and replacement of corrupt governments with a rule of love make him the worst enemy of the ruling elite. And whether it is Jesus or any power, they will resist anything that is a threat to their vain wealth and imagined power.

Satan does not travel in a UFO but is more dangerous an alien to mankind than the most fertile imagination can conceive. As the Bible predicts that the earth is addicted to the quest for power and riches gained in commerce of every imaginable product, including the souls of men. The great merchants of earth are clearly described as the source of deception that will lead humanity to the brink of self-destruction, not UFOs.

According to me GOD and UFO are the human it self, its the break in space from where we look into the near dimension of our own time or we are looking at the next time in another dimension.
There are lot of theory placed with black hole also, I would like to move forward with it.


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