Do you want handcrafted gifts for your special one’s? Check out this Assam based mom n son who make awesome cool gift items.

Gifts are always special. But it’s more special when it is for our loved ones. Our endless love and efforts
are there… gift is not just a way for reciprocity, it’s a tool to express mere emotions and affection too. So
when we decide to buy a gift for our beloved person, we want the best for them right?
Have you considered handcrafted gifts for your special ones? Isn’t it beautiful enough to surprise your
loved one? We can buy many things for them, but it’s always more special when we don’t just spends
money on it, we spend time and endless effort to bring a smile on their face.
This Assam based mother and son is all set to bring joy and happiness in our life by their creativity. They
create beautiful handicrafts by their own. They spend their time, effort and ideas to give us some
awesome product which we can’t buy in the big fat shopping malls. They have made many things which
you might want to see…
Wall hanging: they are engaged to manufacture classic and charismatic wall hangings. Wall hanging is
something which can easily grab our attention when we enter to the room. And if you use these pure
folk hangings then it could surely add oodles beauty to your home. You can pick any of these creative
crafts, and just wait for the magic!
Lamps: eye catching lams always work well when we décor our home. Various lamps enhance the
eternal beauty and grace of every corner. It gives stylish touch to our home and flaunting enrichment
blossoms the room. These elegance collections of handcrafted lamps go well with every corner. To
décor your dining table to bed room, floor to wall, you can surely use these lamps. It will not only
eliminate darkness, also will prosper the charm of your home with their immense beauty and
magnifying look.
Tree Pot/planters: this mom and son have created elegant and designer planters. Many of us love to
decor our room with green, right? Various plants and bonsai are amazing for the visual. Natural looking
beauty and homeliness is always much preferable. So just see what they have made using regular
stuffs… these planters are very sparkling and gorgeous. Give a natural look to your home decoration
bringing these traditional but allured enough planters. You can get from here hanging planter, small to
large planters… with Varity of color and composition!
Candles: when it comes to home decoration there is nothing compared to candles. Diwali to Dashera,
Christmas to Eid… we can’t celebrate our customs and rituals without candle light! Candle light doesn’t
only give us light; it cherishes the beauty of life. Therefore not only in celebrations, we love to burn

candles when we spend times with our special one! We love to decorate home with candles, uses them
for romantic candle light dinner and all. So if you want to create the magic in your/special ones home,
then definitely consider these candles… there are many candles of different shapes, sizes, colors,
scented and all.. to rejuvenate your feelings, you must buy them!
Chimes: they have created beautiful chimes for room decoration. One can hang them in the balcony
also… many mythological stories believed that chime brings peace and prosperity in our life. It helps to
subtract negativity, and restore positivity. May be this mom and son is up to this. Once you see their
handmade chimes you can’t turn your eyes at all… they are so much peaceful and mesmerizing. You can
enjoy its attractive sound and melody… they are very classy, ethnic and durable!


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