Importance of music in making games

When developing a game’s atmosphere, music and sound is really important. It is one of the most overlooked and important aspects of the game. Some do argue that sound and music have an important part when you are playing a game. It creates a completely different atmosphere. Some argue that music may not be important for playing game. But if a carefully crafted visual complements with the music, it takes the game to a new level. The effective use of music can take a video game to a completely different level.

Chiptune: The specialty of 70s and 80s 

Video games started appearing first in 1970s. At that time music was created via simple synthetic chips. The sounds that generated were like chip tune. When we moved into 1980s the video game began developing as quickly as technology. R.B.I baseball one of the famous 1987 game is an early example of music being reflected to the action of the player.

Digital synthesis: The sole of 90s

With the advancement of computers like Commodore Amiga and consoles such as Sony Mega more advanced sound chips were featured and the game composers were getting more and more ambitious. The composer like YuzoKoshiro used mega drive hardware for creating catchy techno-style sound tracks. Repeated use of certain phrases was needed due to the lack of memory in consoles.  This led to the creation of addictive classics like Koji Kondo’s Super Mario Bros soundtrack.

2000s and the next gen:

With the arrival of 2000 there is an introduction of Dolby digital software that transformed the depth and complexity of game sound tracks. Complex games like Halo, are known for their sound track that brings an emotional edge to the game. The next gen consoles, which are designed for complete entertainment systems, devices built for watching movies, game sound tracks now have equal billing with film sound tracks in terms of quality.

The art of game and music has developed into an industry of its own. There are specialist composer who are experimenting and using new methods thus making music more and more interactive. This is gaining more respect with the passing year.

Music alone is the backbone of many games. Those who played Pokemon, knows about the grinding sound when the player enters the battle amidst the wild grass. Another classic RPG example is the Final Fantasy, the battle melody are often reused throughout the series.

Take any of the Nintendo mainstays for example. Part of the success of Nintedo is due to the atmospheric music, which they capitalize their plat former theme on.
No matter whatever the game is, the music ought to have a unique trait that assist the player in understanding the scenario in which they play the game. 

Video game can be described as audiovisual performance. The visuals and sounds come together to create one cohesive, interactive experience. It controls the way a player can feel. Without the music the game becomes something, which is emotionless, and feelings less. Music in video games has developed rapidly just as its technology. Video games are built on information and at the same time on emotion. So it is important that the emotion must be communicated in an effective way. A complex dynamic sound track is not necessary. Only a simple sound like winning a game or level over is sufficient.


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