How does virtual reality affect us?

Virtual reality is the future of the business. This is something we are going to pay attention to in the near future. This form of technology helps us to reincarnate an environment, which is totally different from the physical environment. This will take the user to a virtual environment and create such an ambience that the users accept it as the real environment. For example if you are sitting in Dubai you can have the experience of visiting TajMahal in India as a tourist.

Technologies dealing with virtual reality are maturing and will be seen spreading widely by the end of this decade. VR is becoming the viable way to capture knowledge for any technology company. They are showcasing their VR products in the technology conferences.

The first to take advantage of virtual reality is the tourism industry. Many tourism sites develop the VR tours. This will take you to the world where you will feel that you are a part of the scene and can have interactions with the various elements of the scene.

Gaming industry is also affected by the VR elements. The young generation has gone crazy over new games coming in the market that have VR components. In the coming years you will experience a full potential and impact of these games.
Amusement parks are using VR system for more different types of VR experience, more consumer experience and more fun.
VR has also the potential to transform the health care industry. If a doctor wears a VR kit, a robot can perform the surgery just based on the instructions and movements of the doctor.

Its impact:

1. Watching operations and participating in real time. Whether you are promising medical student, worried relative or journalist you can follow the operation with the use of camera. Virtual reality could also take the learning and teaching experience to a new level.

2. Make children feel like home: The environment of hospital can be stressful for children who miss their parents. With the use of smart phone and virtual glasses VisitU makes live contact possible with a 360-degree camera. Being hospitalized the young patients can enjoy their lives.

3. Speed up recovery after stroke: Patients surviving stroke or traumatic brain injury can be benefitted using VR. The app enhances attention, motivation and engagement with visual and auditory feedback. The app makes the practice of repetitive movement fun for patients. The resulting mental effort helps their traumatized nervous systems recover faster than lying helplessly in bed.

VR have a good impact on behavioral trends. VR helps us imitate the experience of interactions with different kind of materials, environment and human beings. This will lead to useful conclusions based on the reactions in the simulated world. This in turn will be useful in the physical world.

How to use?

The installation process is simple. Just plug in the headset and download the Windows mixed reality portal, from Microsoft store. Once you are done now there is a step-by-step process on how to use it. You can use it either sitting down or standing up. Using it standing up just hold the headset and walk along the perimeter of the area you are moving about. This helps tracking mixed reality app easier thus keeping you in a safe area away from the object, which could trip you up. Bluetooth reception is a bit difficult if using a desktop PC but this was easily remedied with a cheap USB Bluetooth receiver. Graphically it does a great job, the higher resolution screen door effect is responsible for this. The screen quality depends on the brand you use. Apps built for mixed reality platform performed really well. The smaller lenses do not mean that your entire filled of vision isn’t filled. So it can sometimes feel like you are looking through scuba diving mask. It may affect immersion slightly. There are few apps that let you watch 360-degree videos. The resolution of the video may not be great. There are few apps for watching 360-degree videos.

You can also try out few Steam VR games. The motion controllers worked really well and responded accurately in the games and VR experiences we tried.

The headset should be comfortable that you can easily wear it. Image quality should be good as is the motion control tracking and SteamVR support is promising. 

The price rates are different depending on the brand. Just try it and get the fabulous experience of the virtual world at your room.


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