Google Home now lets you control bluetooth speakers with your voice

Google Home Speaker has a wide range and is easily able to connect with any Bluetooth Speaker in your house. With the use of Google Home User, you turn any speaker into a voice-controlled sound system. Though they need to use AI assistant for barking all commands. Extra connectivity allows the Home Users to amp up the sound of the compact gadgets.

As per the company, this feature was brought to life only after hearing how much you want to amp up the sound with Google Home Mini. Now you are able to connect with any of your Google Home Devices to other Bluetooth speakers. You can easily control your entertainment experience by using the sound of your voice.

The new update of Google works with all three of its AI speakers: The Home, Home Mini, and Home Max.

Previously you could easily control, other speakers using a Google Home, this required a separate Chromecast Audio Streamer. You need to plug the streamer into the speaker, which you wanted to control so as to route it through the Google Home.

With the help of this new update, you can easily connect your Home device to the Bluetooth enabled speakers with the use of Google Home App. Once you connect asking the Home device to queue a song will automatically play it through the speaker of your choice.Several Bluetooth speakers can be grouped together for a multiroom audio. For pairing a Bluetooth speaker with your Home Service, just head to the settings section of Home App.

Gone there, now set the speakers as your default speaker. Your Home is now automatically able to play the music, through it as long as you have Bluetooth switched on. Google, however, warned its users that this connection does not turn your Bluetooth speaker into an AI assistant.

The update has brought the latest move in the market, for dominating the voice-controlled smart speaker market. Google announced its digital assistant software last month that would be
available in more than 30 languages by the end of 2018 when it stepped up its artificial intelligence efforts against Amazon Alexa, Apple's Siri and others.          

The Android users are scattered all over the world. So from the beginning, they aim to bring the Assistant to as many people, languages, locations as possible.The year ending will bring Google Assistant in more than 30 languages, thus reaching 95% of all eligible Android phones worldwide.

A Google Home device, from the tiny Home Mini, all the way to the powerful Home Max is now easily able to play the music on any other Bluetooth enabled speaker or more than one. The Home Mini, however, is the winner here as it was known to deliver, the poorest sounding audio in the whole line up.

There is also an option for adding a secondary speaker, inside a group, automatically switching on the multi-room audio feature, which makes you never miss a beat. Now you can connect with any of your Google Home devices with other Bluetooth speakers. Your entertainment experience can easily be controlled by using the sound of your voice. The feature works across the entire Home family. You may still need to talk to your Google Home Device, and not the connected Bluetooth speakers, for any sort of queries like asking questions, getting weather updates and even using smart home commands.
For pairing with an external Bluetooth device, the users need to access their device settings through the home app on their phone and then set the device of their choice as the default one. If you route the audio output through the Bluetooth speaker, then all of the audio and not just music will now be played on the external speaker. This means the Google Home doesn't play them for you anymore. All the home now does is let you speak to it, so it can do necessary command when asked to do. If you ask your connected Blue tooth device you will still need to speak to Google Home, if you wish to, or may be asked for the weather.    


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