Which courses are best after B.com?

Welcome friends!! Have you just completed your graduation in B.Com? Well, this is indeed a precious achievement in your career. Are your marks not up to the mark? Whatever your percentage is you cannot change it now. But if your marks are not as per your expectations, then you need not get demoralized. You can further specialize and complete the post graduation or opt for any professional courses to get a good job thus getting everything back on track. On a serious note nowadays completing graduation is not everything for having a great career. You must have great knowledge and a good degree to face the strong competition in life. But the most important question is what is the right course for you after B.Com? As you have completed your B.Com, you need to further specialize and complete your post graduation or opt for any professional course for getting a good job thus getting everything back on track.

There are lucrative professions available in various industries like banking, finance, stock markets, insurance, capital markets, financial planning, equity research, accounting etc. Actually, the problem is in choosing the best job oriented course.

Courses related to banking: This course enables you to learn the key skills that are required for the fruitful career in Banking and Financial service industry in India. Here the students are taught basic financial concepts, about how to manage the customer relationship, and are imparted knowledge about delivery channels and are equipped with effective communication skills. This enables them to function as Business Correspondents.

Post Graduation Diploma in Banking: This diploma will enable you to establish your career in the banking industry. This course is aimed at providing the practical knowledge and understanding the banking sector. If you join the PGCB after graduation, you will get the competitive advantage for a great career in the banking and excel in their work.

Diploma in Banking & Financial Service: This is a post-graduation 2-year diploma course offered by Institute of Finance, Banking & Insurance (IFBI) Mumbai. This diploma in banking and finance provides the student the required perspective shift from the academic to the professional world. If you are a graduate in any discipline with minimum 50% marks you are eligible for the course.

Courses related to accounting:

Association of Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA): This is one of the leading and world's fastest growing international accountancy organization. This qualification helps in developing careers in the field of accounting, banking, management and consulting thus giving the advantage in competing for senior roles. These professionals get the professional immigration status to Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Ireland etc.

Business Accounting and Taxation: This course is designed by Top Class Chartered Accountant. The focus of the course is to help the candidates become a Professional Accountant. The course gives hands-on expertise in the area of Accounts, Taxation, MIS, Compliance, and Reporting. This course is integrated with high-end accounting software and applications. The extensive training, practical case studies, live projects, and the hands-on experience on this software is most important for any account professional to know, for the growth and prosper in their career.

Cost Accounting: These group of professionals is responsible for budgeting, cost management, evaluation of performance and asset management within a company or organization. They also work with the corporate executives, or company heads thus strategically planning for a company. They also prepare financial reports, for tax authorities, creditors, stockholders and also regulatory agencies.

Insurance Related Courses:

Risk and Insurance Management: This course aims at creating professionals who can construct a rewarding and promising in the insurance industry. The risk and insurance management prepare the students to identify, analyze, and manage the risks which are innate in the operation of profit and also nonprofit institutions. They generally study about property, liability, health and also life insurance, employee benefits programs and also government insurance programs.

Finance Related Courses: 

Chartered Financial Analyst: This is a professional credential that is offered by a CFA Institute to Investment and Financial professionals.A certified financial analyst advises and guides business and individuals for the investment decisions. An Analyst usually works for banks, investment houses, insurance companies and also pension funds. They serve as a reliever for those interested in the Finance field.

Financial Risk Management: This globally recognized professional certification course is meant for banking and financial professionals. This course is aimed at working professionals in the financial industry. 

Financial Modelling: Once you have mastery over financial modeling you have the edge over others as they can do the work faster and more accurately.This is one of the basic and widely sought after skills in the finance industry. This helps in building a model so as to depict financial statements and also investment analysis using MS Excel.     


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